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Abricto Security is redefining penetration testing and the value it brings to our customers. With decades of experience, we’ve seen it all and developed our services to dynamically tailor-fit each of our clients. From custom security assessments to long-term service partnerships, digging deep to understand your organization’s specific challenges is what sets us apart. Our “you first” attitude impacts everything we do, which is why we approach each client with a unique set of solutions.

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Abricto Security is a team of security leaders, consultants, ethical hackers and cloud professionals working together to test and strengthen your company’s security posture. We bring together real-world expertise and a passion for all things security.

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We Run On 100% "You First" Values

We know it takes open communication to derive mutual trust from your partner cyber security firm. That’s why we lead with a “you first” attitude that impacts everything we do. At the end of the day, it’s your business, your security and your peace of mind.

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Abricto Security offers a wide array of specialized assessments to measure and quantify the effectiveness of your organization’s security controls. These are great snapshots of current security posture. Services are on-going partnerships designed to iteratively improve security controls and practices.

Our Services


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